Machine Learning for Everyone


Machine Learning for Everyone makina ogrenmesinin temellerine inen ve konuyu basitçe anlatan güzel bir e-kitap.

Machine Learning for Everyone is a good ebook that goes to the basics of machine learning and simply tells the subject.

Classical machine learning is often divided into two categories – Supervised and Unsupervised Learning.

In the first case, the machine has a “supervisor” or a “teacher” who gives the machine all the answers, like whether it’s a cat in the picture or a dog. The teacher has already divided (labeled) the data into cats and dogs, and the machine is using these examples to learn.
One by one. Dog by cat. Unsupervised learning means the machine is left on its own with a pile of animal photos and a task to find out who’s who. Data is not labeled, there’s no teacher, the machine is trying to find any patterns on its own. We’ll talk about these methods below.
Clearly, the machine will learn faster with a teacher, so it’s more commonly used in real-life tasks.
There are two types of such tasks:
classification – an object’s category prediction, and
regression – prediction of a specific point on a numeric axis.

You can find the details in the book.

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